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The Burial

Tagline: Ambition is a Jealous Cat…How far are you willing to go...
Written: Danielle Boucher & David Mills
Producer: David Mills
Director: David Mills & Danielle Boucher
Featuring: Angelle Boucher
Music: Lovers Electric, Butterfly Boucher, Harmony B, Dawson Wells
Composer: Robert Davidson
Genre: Romance/Thriller
Length: 90 Mins
Origin: UK/France
Status: In Development

Full Synopsis

A woman runs in a mud soaked wedding dress, terrified, through pounding rain across moonlit Paris cobblestones. A man chases in breathless pursuit.  She stops, begins a crazed, hypnotic striptease. She undoes her buttons, rips open her bodice. A volley of camera flashes pound her. She screams out: Jack!

Jill is Jack’s model girlfriend, a stunning bottle-red beauty with a steely eye on success. She can be vulnerable, but she expertly hides it. But the fragility is there, or else why would she be with Jack, her boyish-pup boyfriend of almost a year.

They’re happy with the party life, living in Jill’s London flat, Jill with her eyes on the competition - fashion’s latest darlings, Carmen and upcoming ‘It Girl’ Simone. Jack has his eyes, and his documentary camera, always on Jill – just where she likes them.

Jill’s last minute call-up to Paris Fashion Week leaves Jack home alone. Jack follows, and is watched, as he films Jill through her window. He surprises a now brunette Jill, in the bath, but she’s not happy. Jack and work don’t usually mix. He doesn’t notice the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom waste bin.

Jill is ushered into a nightclub. But Jack is denied entry. He’s watched by Supermax, a scarred fixer who governs the Parisian fashion world from his omnipresent Pink Cadillac 24/7.  He controls the supply for the paparazzi, fans and bloggers anxious to catch a sight, and a shot, of every ambitious model in town.

Jack breaks into the club with Carlos, a smooth, handsome photographer who becomes spellbound by Jill. She salsas with four male dancers set up by Jack. Carlos draws the paparazzi away from Carmen to the unknown Jill. When Jill sees the pictures of her as “one to watch” on the Hotspots website, she decides Jack is allowed to stay on.

Jill enjoys the new buzz around her, moving between the big runway castings. She barely notices friendly rival Carmen’s tense fears for Simone, the last “one to watch” who hasn’t turned up to castings or her suspicions of a weird moped guy hanging around. Carmen stays close to Supermax, who whisks her between appointments, making sure this girl is seen. Supermax sees Jill and double takes at the uncanny resemblance to Simone. Jill focuses on the casting – and hits the big time: Prada want her for their show.

Jack and Jill celebrate at a restaurant. Carlos joins them. He wants to help Jill’s career, has the pictures to get her there. He hands Jill a rose – and she’s charmed. But outside, Supermax calls Jack to the Cadillac, aggressively questions him about Carlos and warns him off filming the girls. Inside the Cadillac, Jack sees CCTV cameras and a hotel key.

Later Supermax picks up Jill. He swerves, colliding with a moped rider, pounding a jumpy Jill with flashes. Intimate photos of the missing Simone spill out of an envelope – unseen by Jill. Supermax warns Jill that Paris is not for her, she should go home. Jill insists she’s ready for this, an answer he expected. So Supermax takes her back to her hotel. He doesn’t need to be told which one.

Jill returns to find an envelope full of her photographs left with a single red rose. Pictures and cool comments about Jill have been posted on the websites and blogs. One prolific blogger has an intense interest in Jill, “she’s my new favourite” flattering but weird – it comes with the job. And Jill’s not going to let anything spoil this. So when Jack comes back to the room, she hides the rose and the photographs. Jack accidentally swaps pictures around in Jill’s Book – a model’s precious resume.

Jack’s jaw drops, filming the wild club with fire and dry ice. Jill sucks in the limelight, dances on stage. She loves the attention of Jack’s camera, all the cameras – but as the flashes intensify she’s seized by a brief moment of panic. At the same moment, the missing girl, Simone, lies ashen-faced in her hotel room holding a note: “Sorry. You’re my second favourite now. But you’re still my girl.” Drops of her blood fall on a sea of scattered rose petals. Her limp hand drops an iconic catholic necklace to the floor.

Returning back to the hotel, Jack and Jill are almost hit by a moped and fall into the muddy road. They look to see a learner driver wobbling away – and fall into each other, laughing. They giggle as they climb into the hotel via the balcony. Jack puts down his camera and carries a muddy Jill to the bathroom. Water splashes down on a sensual moment, but while he’s aroused, she’s pensive. She tries to talk to him about the future – kids, hopes, worries. Jack, trying to engage, makes light of the moment.  Jill sees the camera recording. In her anger she seduces him back out onto the balcony and locks the door. Jill watches Jack sleeping, and weeps.

Jack wakes on the balcony to a siren, He only has his dry muddy clothes, and Jill’s taken his camera. He looks over the balcony to see Supermax watching the body of Simone being carried out of the hotel to an ambulance. Moped paps arrive, but are signaled on by Supermax.

Jack turns up to a very important casting without his camera, and with his news about Supermax which no-one wants to hear. There’s a problem with Jill’s Book and she loses a ‘sure thing’ gig that had been Simone’s – she’s furious. She blames Jack and tells him to leave. In the aftermath of the argument, Jack sees Carlos in a heated row with Supermax, who demands that Carlos leave Paris. Carlos rebukes him and offers, you do your job, I’ll do mine.

Jack checks into a dingy hotel and reinvents himself, determined to help Jill’s career and win back her trust. As he steels himself to this task in the mirror, Jill is before her own mirror taking off her make-up and piecing together the events of the last few days. Her mind returns to the Hotspots blog – and the blogger posts naming Jill as the “new Simone” take on a new and sinister meaning.

Jack now follows Jill trying to protect her. He scares off a moped paparazzi but Jill only sees the new look Jack – who she does not recognize. An increasingly tetchy and nerve-ragged Jill is on edge. Someone is watching her. Castings have not gone well.  At lunch with her friends, her uncertain future is raised. A flicker of light catches her eye – a camera flash? –  she runs wildly onto a busy road.  Again it’s Jack, but she does not recognize him. Jack is almost run over by a moped pap and by Supermax.

Jack steps up his campaign to help Jill. He suggests to Carlos that someone is following Jill. Jack thinks it’s Supermax. Carlos laughs – of course she’s been followed – it’s fashion week. Carlos changes the subject. He hears that Jill’s castings are not going well. Jack declines Carlos’ offer of his ‘artistic’ shots. They agree to meet for new photos of Jill.

On hearing that Jill has thrown Jack out, Carlos visits her hotel room. He tricks her into believing that Jack wanted him to publish nude and sexy photos. Jill is horrified, accepts comfort from Carlos. Jill’s running late and he offers her a ride to the club.

Jack sees Jill with Carlos, his jealousy raging, he tries to get into the club. He’s kept out by security. Inside, Jill, caught up in a love song, sways as she sings along lost in her thoughts. The song is for Jack, outside alone, but Carlos assumes the performance is for him. Jill is distressed. She’s been crying. Carmen suggests she goes home, but Jill wants another crack at the paparazzi run. They go to another private club.

Outside the second club, Jill is seized with an uncontrollable fear. Carlos photographs Jill, but she thinks it is Jack harassing her.  In the chaos Jill has a choice to make between Jack, Supermax and Carlos. Jack warns Jill off Supermax. Jill chooses Carlos.

Jack is left alone, stunned and shaky. He throws away Jill’s 1st anniversary gift.

Carlos and Jill are alone in her hotel room. He gives her a gift for good luck – an iconic catholic necklace. Jill shies away from an intimate moment, Carlos soothes that they “have plenty of time”. Jack stares at darkened hotel windows and fails to make a call to Jill.

The day of Jill’s only runway show. Outside, a worried Jack, barely contains his jealously, to confront Carlos about Supermax. Carlos explains “the pap scam”, and claims he is being set up by Supermax. Jack’s unsure.  Carlos parades his access pass – Jack is stuck outside. A model friend takes pity, shows him a side entrance.

Backstage, Jill’s preparing for her big moment. In her dressing room, a red rose stands in the same vase as in her hotel room next to a champagne bottle and two glasses. A note: “My favourite girl – meet me after the show.” Jill shakes.

Jack confronts her about Carlos, but is quickly ushered out. He finds a place to watch with the press. Carlos watches from back stage.

Jill goes on. The show is a massive success. Carlos goes to the dressing room to celebrate with the champagne. Finds it in the bin, loses his cool, trashing the room.

At the end of the show, Jill is handed a bouquet of roses with another note. She runs, still in the wedding dress, out into the rain-soaked night, terrified.

Jack finds the trashed room and gives chase. Outside the venue, he argues with Supermax – believing him to be the stalker – and chases alone on a moped.

Carlos follows calmly on his moped. Supermax follows behind in the Cadillac.

Jill runs wildly in the mud soaked wedding dress, petals fall, leaving a trail for Carlos.

Supermax finds her first.  He swerves narrowly missing her. Jack warns him to stay away. There’s a wild confrontation between Supermax and Jack.  Jill – now in a crazed state - stumbles off into a park stripping her clothes, willing Jack to follow. Challenged by Jack, Supermax confesses he loved Simone. Urges Jack to go - Jill is still in danger.

Jill continues through parkland to a rotunda, Jack follows on foot, calling out to her. She continues to undress, baring herself, crying and shouting to Jack.  But it isn’t Jack who is closest. It is Carlos, firing a violent volley of camera shots.  She falls back confused, then terrified.

Jack catches up with them. He yells at Carlos to withdraw. He refuses. Jack batters Carlos with his camera. He hears the engine horn of Supermax’s Cadillac. He carries Jill up over a bridge towards the car.

Carlos, on a moped, launches off the top of the bridge and separates them. He hounds Jack first then returns for Jill. She sprints for the gate and freedom.

Carlos pursues, laughing. She runs through the gate. There is a squeal of brakes. A horn beeps. The Cadillac swerves and crashes into Carlos on his moped. Blood seeps from his motionless body.

Jack takes Jill’s crumpled frame in his arms. She tells him she’s pregnant. He kisses her tummy, thrilled. Jill holds Jack as blood seeps through her white dress. They collapse together in solid intimacy.



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